Ubuntu Linux 7.10

A week ago I decided to do a fresh install of Ubuntu 7.10 on one of my desktop at home. It is because I use that PC mainly for playing around and testing various linux systems on it. The process was a breeze and the new Operating System is considerably faster than the previous release.
I am still waiting for my Ubuntu Repository DVDs from Juragan Kambing. I’ll post an update after I bloated the system with ALL unnecessary games and applications when I get the DVD. :D

When was that happen?

Long time ago. Check out the post below, it was over 20 months ago. Not that I lost interest in this blog, it’s just so many things to do with too little spare time.

This is a Linux Operating System Powered PC

I don’t have internet connection at home so I usually connects to the internet by visiting internet cafes. Most internet cafes in Batam still use Microsoft Windows Operating System and various popular softwares, all unlicensed / pirated copies.

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My First Ubuntu Linux PC

My first experience with Linux OS about 3 years ago was with RedHat Linux 6.2 on a Pentium 100MHz. I tried so many times without success and finally gave it up. I was able to install Windows 2000 Professional on that PC without any real problem though. The only problem was it runs really slow. :D

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Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter

Despite warnings by other AdSense Publishers in AdSense Forums @ WebMasterWorld regarding how Smart Pricing hates sudden changes in Competitive Ads Filter, I decide to start paying attention on what kind of websites are behind those AdSense Ads displayed at BatamWeb.net, and so the filtering begins.

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One Page Websites, How Effective Are They?

You must have seen those affiliate websites that consist of only one lengthy page offering some ‘great stuff’. The structure of the page is similar one another. First a catchy title. Then a paragraph explaining the product/service complete with a ‘picture’ of the product/service. Next are some ‘testimonials’ from some people about how the said product/service has improved the life and/or the income of those people. Next usually about how to buy/join the product/service and some ’special offer’ or ‘exclusive offer’ that you can get for a limited period of time. Another important thing, which usually included is a newsletter or announcement registration form.

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Optimized SQL Queries for Business Directory Module

We have upgraded our Business Directory module to use less SQL query which in turn reduce page load time and lessen the burden of our server. We hope this will help you – our visitors – to have a better and more pleasant experience using our website.

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